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etalbond d3, d2, d1

Elval Colour’s products etalbond d3 d2, d1 represent the category of etalbond® for signage and display
Elval Colour’s products etalbond d3, d2, d1 represent the category of etalbond® for signage and display applications.
With its high-quality, resilience and unique appearance, etalbond® offers sustainable construction quality and high creative standards. Due to its outstanding product properties, this material stands-out. Elval Colour’s products etalbond d3, etalbond d2, and etalbond d1 for signage and display are sandwich type aluminum composite panels. They are produced using two aluminium sheets with either an LDPE core or a Fire Retardant* core (only d3), resulting in a total thickness of 2-6mm. etalbond d3, d2, d1 are lightweight panels which incorporate a number of excellent properties for processing and installation, while they are easy for handling and transportation at the same time.
*class B, s1, d0 (EN 13501-1)

Advantages & Benefits

  • Extremely flat surface
  • Lightweight with high stiffness and excellent dimensional stability
  • Ideal for large format applications (installations), using well known processing techniques (width 1000-2000mm)
  • Easy to fabricate (bending/folding only d3), simple to process with conventional machines for plastic and wooden fabrications
  • Operational working temperature ranging from -50°C to +80°C
  • Environment friendly – no waste is produced
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colours 
etalbond d3 is the highest positioned product:
  • Very strict thickness tolerances per sheet (± 0,05mm) which allow perfect digital printing result
  • Up to 10 year warranty due to its highly resistant outdoor usage: UV-resistant, excellent corrosion resistant, heat-resistant,  has lower thermal expansion than plastics
  • Has a highly linked polyester coating designed for digital printing and outside shop and pylon claddings
  • Has the ability to utilize the rout and return technique 
  • Also available with a fire retardant core
  • Also available in 6mm thickness
  • Available in many different surfaces (butler finish, colours etc.)
etalbond d2
  • Digital printing application
  • Rout and return recommended only for experienced fabricators
  • Limited colours available (white, silver, black)
  • Mostly flat applications
etalbond d1
  • No rout and return possible
  • Available in 1500mm width and white of mill finish surface
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Ingenuity and creativity in design create new applications every day. With etalbond d3, etalbond d2, and etalbond d1,
Elval Colour covers effectively and efficiently all applications and acts as your trusted partner in designing tailor-made solutions to cover your structural needs, in a holistic way.
  • Signage
  • Silk-screen and digital printing industry
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Exhibition stands
  • Bus stops
  • Gas stations
  • Decoration
  • False Ceilings
  • Elevator/stair-wall facings
  • Indoor cladding
  • Industrial applications like machine cladding, bus interiors and train roofing
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