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Sustainability – Recyclability

Elval Colour, the coating leader with the solution for building sustainability and green materials
Α sustainable building envelope  results in significant reduction of the primary energy consumption of a building for heating, cooling and maintenance, while contributes to improved appearance and longevity of the façade and/or roof. Elval Colour has developed a series of new products that are dedicated to the improvement of the environmental performance of buildings, increase the sustainability of building facades and roofing, and reduce their impact on the environment.
Elval Colour’s aluminium composite panel etalbond® and orofe® coated aluminium strips  for roofing applications, can be coated in any colour to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements together with several options of special functional coatings, each having an invaluable contribution to sustainable green building design. 

Elval Colour arypon®: a protective coating that deters dust and pollution particles from adhering on the coated surface. A hydrophilic surface that assists the removal of dirt particles naturally with rainwater or soft wiping. A building façade or roof coated with arypon® can practically “clean itself” minimizing the need for professional cleaning as well as the use of aggressive cleaners, by protecting the environment and minimizing maintenance requirements. In addition, as a third layer, arypon® can increase the durability of the coating and extend lifecycle of the product.

Elval Colour agraphon®: a transparent coating that uses nanotechnology to stop graffiti paint from sticking to the façade surface. With agraphon®, graffiti paint can be easily removed without using resource consuming solutions such as water-jet blasting, or the need to replace the original surface and problems such as ghosting and shadowing. agraphon® covered surfaces do not require the use of hazardous removers, have excellent weather resistance and are easy to clean and maintain thus, providing an environmental friendly and cost efficient solution. This minimizes the wear of the coating and improves the lifecycle of the product.

High reflectivity coatings: a special coating that reflects up to 84% of the solar radiation from a surface that is used in roofing and façade applications. When heat is reflected away from buildings, positive contributions to the environment, tenants and the building are achieved. Better internal ambient conditions, lower energy consumption for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, plus a reduction to the urban heat island effect to name a few.  Finally, the life expectancy of the roof itself increases due to less expansion and contraction.
Architects and designers today aim to create energy efficient and sustainable buildings. To this problem, Elval Colour provides with etalbond® and orofe® and with special functional coatings a perfect solution for a Green Building. Environmental Product Declarations are available for all products, confirming the focus of the company on delivering sustainable material and leadership in green building material and innovation, by understanding market needs, committing to technological prowess and continuous improvement of processes and products.
Elval Colour uses controlled processes with a focus on energy consumption, emission control, resource usage and environmental impact

  • etalbond® is Fully Recyclable
  • etalbond® has low waste in manufacture and in use
  • Coil coating is the best available technology for applying paint to metal and the most environmental friendly as it minimizes the environmental impact  of emissions (VOC), usage of chemicals, water, energy and waste disposal
  • Emissions of volatile organics are very tightly controlled by the coil coating process to the extent that they are virtually eliminated
  • Pre-painted metal consistently out-performs post-painted metal in longevity, corrosion protection, and long-term aesthetics
  • Water used in our processes is 100% re-utilized resulting in no water wastage
  • The continuous nature of the coil coating process and the efficiency of roller coating means that waste is very much reduced and wastage of paint is virtually eliminated, with most potential waste being re-used in paint formulation
  • Most coatings are produced without harmful heavy metals or hazardous solvents


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